The plan to transform an Italian ‘ghost village’ into a rural utopia

Escaping the city is squarely on trend. As renters grew tired of living and working from cramped homes, applications for urban properties dropped 23 per cent in August. While, between April and June, 41 per cent buyers from cities bought a home in a town, suburb or countryside location. Some went a step further, opting …

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Coppie da tutta Europa per far rinascere il borgo di Slapnik

Rinascerà a breve il piccolo borgo di Slapnik, nel Collio sloveno, a pochi chilometri dal confine con l’Italia. Grazie ad un particolare constest, arriveranno qui coppie da tutta Europa. Avranno il compito di ristrutturare le antiche case abbandonate nel secondo dopoguerra lasciate all’oblio del tempo e della memoria. Il bellissimo servizio di Ivan Bianchi.

Slapnik in Slovenia

Slapnik, a settlement with 17 houses that once had around 80 residents, mostly farmers, lost its population to larger towns in the region, as well as to immigration to the US and Australia after WW2. Since 1985 is has been designated as part of Slovenia’s immovable cultural heritage, and become a curiosity for visitors, and …

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