It is Pelerzo!

Luigi LucchiOur educational show, ‘Back To The Village’, has a location. The origin of the village dates back 1,000 years: to the Medieval age. Back then, one main route crossed Europe, known nowadays as “Via Francigena”. Thousands of pilgrims from Northern Europe used this road to reach the holy places of Rome and Jerusalem, passing through the Alps and then through the Italian Apennines.

We will take twenty contestants from twenty European countries to rebuild this village. Today, more and more people work from home because of the Covid pandemic. This is an opportunity to move to a better environment. We will show you what you need when buying a house in a foreign country, how to build, repair, grow your own food and start a business.

We’ll begin to shoot in May; restoring fourteen houses, a former mansion from Conte Pelerzi, a nearby lake and an ancient mill. The restored houses will be given to the first three contestants with the most points. They will also get full support in starting their business. Celebrities will appear in the show, supporting a green, self-sufficient way of life, including the well-know Mayor, Luigi Lucchi.

We need more people to join our project.
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